Eglin Air Force Base Releases GRASI Environmental Impact Study

THE GULF REGIONAL AIRSPACE STRATEGIC INITIATIVE (GRASI) Landscape Initiative Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Eglin AFB's Environmental Impact Study has been released.

Eglin AFB’s Environmental Impact Study has been released.

As expected the folks at Eglin Air Force Base released their Environmental Impact Statement in late April 2014, and as expected they found no problem with conducting military training in either the Tate’s Hell State Forest, or in the Blackwater River State Forest.

The entire document is 1,196 pages. or you can download the condensed Executive Summary, where you can learn all about what the military is planning, and how and where they plan to do it. Just visit to download the PDF files.

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County Commissioner Cheryl Sanders and other local officials have come out in opposition to the plan, while others have expressed support for the military. has contacted the Charlie Crist campaign to ask for the candidate’s position on the issue.

We’ll keep you updated.

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