The Apalachicola Bay Song – By Betsy James

Betsy James has been a musician, old soul, and bartender forever.

For years and years people have been delighted when Betsy steps out from behind the bar of the Gibson Inn, takes up her guitar (flute or piano) and begins to sing. Here’s a song she’s perfected over the years.


She says of the song:

betsyjamesIt was 1985. I lived on the island and my husband, Bobby James was an oysterman. We got hit three times by hurricanes that year – Elena and Kate (twice because she did a U-turn and came back). The bay was closed for at least nine months because it was so torn up. That’s when they started the re-seeding program. Also, at that point, the oystermen started having to get licensed to oyster. They had to take a class in order to be licensed. Woody Miley, head of the research reserve was in charge of organizing the class. He had heard me sing my original song “Apalachicola Bay” at Harry A’s and hired me to record it so he could play it in the background to soften the effect of the law enforcement part of the class.


The Apalachicola Bay Song – By Betsy James — 3 Comments

  1. I remember it all. The bridge was out in 85 and there was a ferry running for awhile.
    I have a painting of Bobby on the bay on my website under the COASTAL gallery.
    The song fits the place exactly, particularly in my first years on the island.

  2. I have listened to Betsy sing this song for years and years. I loved it then and even more now. Betsy is a very special lady. I love you bunches Betsy. You will always be a part of my life I miss very much.

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